The Process of Creating Handcrafted Custom Cabinets in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, and the Northeast Florida region.

Thank you for considering Beaches Woodcrafts, Inc. for your cabinet needs. Purchasing custom cabinetry can often be a daunting process. We have put together a brief overview of our process to guide you through the steps from concept to cabinets.

About Your Project

Upon your initial contact with Beaches Woodcrafts, we will email you a questionnaire about your project. This helps ensure that we can help you with your needs and meet your expectations.

Scope of Work

Based on your answers, we will ask you to send over drawings, elevations, pictures and/or measurements of your space. For renovation work, we may ask to make a site visit at this time. 

Rough Estimates

We can provide you with a rough estimate based on the questionnaire and the scope of work. Keep in mind that this number can go up or down depending on your final selections for finish and styling. We are mindful of your budget and will always offer solutions to meet or adjust your budget as you direct us.

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation (typically one hour) will be scheduled with one of our team members to assist you with selections for: door style, finish options and general layout concepts. We have samples of doors & paint and stain finishes available for check out to assist you while making countertop, appliance, plumbing, and hardware selections elsewhere. 

Concept Needs

We can provide you with a list of excellent local designers, or refer you to one of our associates, depending on your needs. A design retainer (applied to cabinet purchase) is required and is calculated by the scope of work. To ensure undivided attention to your project, design associates are available by appointment only.

Drawings, Samples, and Final Approvals

At this point, you are now able to determine the scope and the budget for which Beaches Woodcrafts will provide cabinets. We draft a final set of drawings for your approval and ask you to sign off on door style and finish selections. 

Engineering and Manufacturing Process

Since many items are “one-of-a-kind originals” the engineering process is the critical path to building your cabinets. Details and specifications of all aspects of the project are reviewed and incorporated into this process.  Based on the scope of your project and due to the custom nature of our business, manufacturing lead times can vary dramatically, but once engineered and it goes to the shop floor we can schedule a delivery date. 

Delivery and Installation

The manufacturing process to delivery and installation is typically scheduled 4 to 6 weeks out. We make every effort to work with our homeowners and contractors to install in a timely manner. Installations are coordinated with many trades, countertop template and installation, plumbers, electricians, appliance installation, etc.  Length of installation heavily depends on collaboration with all trades involved and is usually directed by the contractor or job supervisor.