Millenials in training at beaches woodcrafts

We want to welcome the newest members of our family into the business

Millenials trainingLeighton Hoey: Currently interning in the design department and soon to graduate from the interior design program at FSCJ. Leighton is quickly proving to have the eye for design and attention to detail. We welcome her fresh outlook and talent.

Luke HoeyLuke started part time building drawer boxes in the shop after school. After graduation he transitioned into full time cabinet installer. Some of his handy work shown in this photo. We are pleased to announce he is moving into a production engineer position.

We see these two working well together, after all, they are twins.

To all our business associates and friends:

We appreciate your business and continued support and are grateful for the years of collaboration in this industry. As you can see, we are moving into the next generation with pride and confidence.